Lighting upgrade saves 58% on electricity costs

Client: Norco

Specialists in GRP/composite mouldings, Norco, literally found a brighter way to save money when they decided to replace their existing metal halide light fittings with products from Lumineux's HiRange. Despite quadrupling the light level from 250 lux to 1,000 lux, the upgrade slashed electricity costs by 58%, saving them £31,585 over five years. The savings, which equate to an annual average of £6,317, were enough to cover the installation costs within just 28 months. Then leaving a total five-year saving of £16,371 after investment in the new, higher spec light fittings. The energy savings were an added bonus for the company, who had decided to upgrade the 400W low bay fittings in their laminating factory after dust collecting on top of the fittings led to a small fire. Our site visit, survey and advice helped to guide Norco through the process and consolidated their decision to replace the fittings. Our initial lighting plan, prepared on their behalf, included a one-for-one replacement, using the 150W Hi-Cloud fitting from Lumineux. The sample we supplied, demonstrated an increase from the existing 250 lux to 700 lux, using the same quantity of fittings. This meant there was no requirement for extra wiring. However, due to the detailed work and finishing done at their factories, the owner requested we increase the light level even more. We ran a second report using our 200W fitting and found that this still halved the entire energy spend, but increased the light level to an incredible 1000 lux - four times the original reading! Our client was so delighted with the finished results that he asked us to complete lighting plans and upgrades for a further four factories, some of them even larger.