Butcher's Pet Food

Client: Butcher’s Pet Care Ltd

Lumineux delivered a superb result to what may have appeared to be a challenging project. The specific requirements meant the fittings chosen had to perform to an outstanding level whilst being exposed to harsh conditions. The Linacre 150W (HiCloud) industrial fittings more than proved that they were up to the task. "The project aim was to increase the 100 lux light level to nearer the 400 lux mark. I have to say that the solution installed has more than delivered. We are pleased to see over 400 lux with emergency lighting in the same unit, well above our expectations. Quick turnaround and easy installation helped me as project manager to deliver a solution for the team. This project was not only for our wet rooms but also included our waste room. Special attention was provided to the design in this area, providing a solution that protects the fittings and wiring from the threat of gas and water, which made our previous fittings deteriorate rapidly." Dean - Butcher’s Pet Care The following products were installed: • 168 x LED 150W Linacre HiClouds with 5000K output using a 90o optic lens Does your production and manufacturing facility require a lighting upgrade? We provide a full lighting survey with costings showing energy calculation for return on investment.