Environmental Policy

It is the policy of B&T Associates Ltd to minimise the impact on the environment that the actions in performing our business activities cause. We believe it to be the right of everyone be they employees, customers or the general public to demand that we take full responsibility and show great care to the environment we all share.

We ensure we comply with all current legislation and react quickly to new requirements as they are introduced. We will use all means possible to incorporate latest practices and procedures in our production and distribution processes that have an environmental impact either directly or as a by product.

We have in place emergency measures to control pollution incidents, our employees are aware of our environmental stance and we employ awareness and continual training for this and it is part of our internal training matrix. B&T incorporate a recognised waste management system with a national company to recycle as much as possible of our waste material and we use in house recycling for packaging. We try to reuse as much packaging as possible and where we have no option but to use less friendly materials we keep this to a minimum and ask our customers to recycle or consider alternatives we suggest.

Wherever possible we try to conserve fuels and water by using standard or innovative methods of conservation in relation to heating, power and resource usage. Our emissions to atmosphere are minimal, documented and controlled. It is our policy to constantly monitor and review the impact our activities have on the environment and this has now become part of our internal audit procedure for ISO900I so it is ranked as high as other more mainstream parts of our business. We are actively seeking accreditation to IS014001 and hope to introduce this soon. We set ourselves targets; for example the successful RoHS and REACH implementation to remove all lead use and to ensure all our suppliers comply with REACH. All our actions are positive, ongoing and reviewed. We are members of a recycling compliance scheme for the end of life recycling of electric lamps.