Foremark Plug & Play

Industrial High Bay
The fully customisable Foremark range by Lumineux is the most innovative high bay luminaire on the market. Each unit can be easily modified with your choice of plug any play options that convert the light into emergency or sensor controlled version. Keep scrolling to see what eFIXX have to say about the Foremark...
Foremark Plug & Play

4 Plug & Play Options:

  1. Plug & Play High Output Emergency Pack
  2. Plug & Play PIR Sensor
  3. Plug & Play Microwave Sensor
  4. Plug & Play truSmart PIR Sensor coming soon


The Foremark is the first industrial high bay light with the ability to be multi configurable, as an emergency version or as a sensor controlled unit with your choice of 3 Lumineux sensors.

Built to high standards, Lumineux’s new Foremark Plug & Play High Bay range has IP65 & IK08 resistance ratings against impacts, dust and water.  The diecast aluminium body doubles as a highly effective heat sink for optimum efficiency.

Each unit is supplied with an eye bolt for mounting and 1.5m pre-wired H05RN-F cable for ease of installation.  The Foremark illuminates at a colour temperature of 5000K and is 0-10V dimmable, utilising a Sosen LED driver.

Performance Overview

Ingress Protection Rating

Dust-tight (with a vacuum applied to the product) Protected against water jets.

Impact Protection Rating

Protected against 5 joules impact. Equivalent to impact of 1.7 kg mass dropped from 300 mm above impacted surface.

Long life

Tested to provide reliable illumination for over 50,000 hours.

High efficiency output

Highly effective diecast aluminium heat sink contributes to providing up to 145 lumens per Watt output.

5 year warranty

This product comes with the Lumineux trusted 5 year warranty.

Compatible with truSmart

Install, Connect, Control. Lighting automation and complete control via Bluetooth and a smartphone app.

Product Review Video

See what eFIXX say about the Foremark Plug & Play High Bay
High Output Emergency version available

The plug and play emergency pack can be fitted to any Foremark unit, as each is inclusive of an integrated emergency halo capable of 660lm output in emergency mode.

Choose from 3 sensor options

The Foremark is fully customisable with your choice of sensor.  Simply unscrew the threaded barrel from the centre and replace with one of our PIR or microwave sensors.

90º or 120º optic variants available

Choose between a standard or a wide beam angle of 90º or 120º depending upon your requirements for the spread of light.

100W | 150W | 200W options available

For optimal energy savings, the Foremark is available in 100, 150 or 200W.  The overall size of the 100W unit is marginally smaller, although the size of the optic remains the same.