Global Logistics Company

WS Electrical recently installed Rivington HiRack lighting by Lumineux, for a customer that deals in international product packaging. Our lights were installed to replace the existing lighting that was causing issues for workers, to improve the quality of emergency lighting, and to make savings on energy usage.
A spokesperson for WS Electrical commented:
“The problems with the previous lighting were that it was inadequate for the forklift drivers as they had difficulty identifying labels on the pallets at height, especially at night; the emergency lighting required an upgrade to meet new regulations; and the client wanted to save energy in areas that were not being used.”
“We were finding it frustrating trying to find the right lighting solution to meet these requirements, but Lumineux’s attention to detail with the survey led to the design of a bespoke Led system tailored to the work environment. Sensor control and integrated emergency were key factors, as well as the seven year warranty option.”
The benefits of the new install were noticed immediately:
“As soon as the new LED lighting was commissioned and illuminated the staff working in the area commented that it made their job easier. The lighting levels are much higher than the original lighting. The sensor control saves us energy where the lighting is not required. The warehouse has completely changed and the staff are happier and can do their job more efficiently.”
If you would like more information or have an upcoming installation, get in touch with your local Lumineux wholesale Partner.