London 6th Form College

Client: London 6th Form College

We have recently worked with a large inner-city sixth form college, located in the nation’s capital London. Like every educational establishment of its kind, lighting is considered of utmost importance in providing a comfortable and yet vibrant environment to encourage the motivation and concentration levels of both students and staff alike. Our key objectives for this project were to maximise the energy savings and to improve the overall lighting levels, without compromising the comfort and concentration levels.

We installed over 650 luminaires across this site, all fitted with a variety of sensors and controls to maximise the energy saving. Our truSmart Battens and Troffers are equipped with daylight sensors, PIRs, and a Bluetooth mesh system as standard. The system is controlled via an app providing customisable light levels when needed, whilst allowing for the maximum energy savings to be felt throughout the key areas of this project.

By switching to Lumineux’s truSmart luminaires, the customer has reduced their energy consumption from 159,082 KWh per year, to less than 62,400 KWh per year. This means a minimum 5 year saving of over £65,000. If you would like more information or have an upcoming install job, get in touch with your local Lumineux wholesaler.