Staunton Anti-Corrosive

Linear Batten
The Staunton LED batten has been specifically designed with the installer in mind, a quick-release gear tray allows faster installation and it also features push-fit terminals with loop-in loop-out connectors. Threaded cable entry points at both ends means there is no longer any need to drill out the housing.

Easy Install Features

  • Quick-release hinged gear tray
  • Threaded cable entry points both ends
  • Push-fit terminals with loop-in loop-out connectors
  • Integrated emergency option available

Robust and Practical

The new Staunton anti-corrosive linear batten is one of the toughest, most robust luminaires in the Lumineux product range.

With polycarbonate anti-distortion housing and diffuser, and stainless steel clips, the IP65 and IK08 rated Staunton is protected against dust, water and almost anything you could throw at it.

It is available in single and twin variants with 3 choices of length, and is highly efficient with up to 147lm/W.  The Staunton comes with Lumineux trusted 5 year warranty, and a high output emergency version is available.

Performance Overview

Ingress Protection Rating

Dust-tight with a vacuum applied to the product and protected against water jets.

Impact Protection Rating

Protected against 5 joules impact. Equivalent to impact of 1.7 kg mass dropped from 300 mm above impacted surface.

Long life

Tested to provide reliable illumination for over 50,000 hours.

High efficiency output

Improved thermals utilising aluminium back PCBs contribute to providing up to 147 lumens per Watt output.

5 year warranty

This product comes with the Lumineux trusted 5 year warranty.

Push-fit Terminals

Convenient and easy to install terminals with loop-in loop-out connectors.

Length and output variants

The Staunton comes with the choice of 4, 5 and 6 foot variants.  Each length is available as a single or twin for double the lumens output.

Emergency option available

Combine the Staunton anti-corrosive linear light with and emergency option to achieve 3 hour duration of light, if the main power supply fails. This product is available with integrated H3 – High output emergency capable of 440 lumens output.

Microwave sensor option available

For optimal energy savings, the Stanford is available with an integral microwave sensor that is activated by movement and controlled by ambient light levels.