Chancery Place Offices

The client had trialled LED lighting options for the office areas but wanted something that met with the aesthetics of the Armstrong SAS metal ceiling grid which added a modern look and feel to the office space.

Other features required were energy saving and controllability of the lighting system. The Lumineux TruSmart Troffer panel was fitted in a trial area and was an instant success with the managers and office staff.

The panel fit the ceiling frame perfectly and was very easy to install compared to other fittings trialled.


Once installed the TruSmart fitting transformed the office space from an outdated looking lighting system that used high amounts of energy with no controls to a modern looking office space with a switchless Bluetooth controlled LED lighting system. The floor managers have full control over the lighting system through the TruSmart App. The lighting was commissioned and grouped exactly as the customer required. Each meeting room has its own Bluetooth control wall switch to enable the lighting to be dimmed as required when projectors are in use. Each group was programmed with energy saving sensor functions so that when areas are not used the lighting is dimmed to 50% and then switched off if no movement is detected at times determined by the managers.


Danny Jarvis from Stellify Electrical Commented “The fitting was very easy to install using the SAS frames and we completed two floors with 150 fittings in total in just over a week. I was very impressed with the integrated sensors on the fittings which meant we had just one connection to make on the fitting during install. Stephen from Lumineux was very knowledgeable and worked with our customer to make sure they had the best possible experience when training them on how to use the TruSmart App. Commissioning went very smoothly, and Stephen involved the customer at every opportunity. The project has been so successful that the customer is in the process of quoting for another floor”.

Dave Rigg the Building maintenance manager said “When we first met with Stephen and he demonstrated the fitting we were all very impressed with the look and ease of control. The trial fittings worked better than we ever expected and staff commented on how modern they looked. During the whole project Stephen and Danny worked together and involved us every step of the way. The office space looks fantastic and the extra controls save us even more energy. I was very impressed with the commissioning and the set up of the groups and that Stephen made sure that I was involved and trained on the use of the App”.