with integrated PIR sensor




2 CCT Switchable

A CCT switch mounted to the back of the Sutton Plus enables the unit to operate at 4000K or 6000K colour temperature, defined by the user to suit its location at the flip of a switch.

4000K CCT
6000K CCT

Range of options

4, 5 or 6 foot lengths - Single or twin output


Integral PIR Sensor

The Sutton Plus range can be upgraded with an integral PIR sensor, taking up less room and ensuring optimal energy saving and cost saving.

H3 Emergency Option

Combine the Sutton Plus with our high output emergency option to achieve 3 hours duration of light when the mains power supply fails, with a guaranteed 440lm output when you need it the most (at 4000K).

Boke Driver​

The Sutton Plus also features an Boke driver for quality and reliability, with tested and guaranteed illumination for over 50,000 hours

Easy Installation

For ease of installation each unit has 20mm conduit entry knock-outs, BESA mount and push fit terminals, as well as an additional screw to secure the end cap.

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