with Integrated CCT Switch

1 switch-04

CCT Switch allows the user to choose
colour temperature (4000K & 5000K).

The Staunton plus comes with 1 year
on-site warranty as standard.

1 switch-04

2CCT Switchable

A dedicated CCT switch has been mounted to the gear tray, to enable flexibility of use. This feature enables the light to operate at 4000K or 5000K colour temperature, allowing the user to adjust to suit its location.

1 Year On-Site Warranty

The Staunton Plus comes with 1 year on-site warranty as standard. For more details, please contact us. No need to un-install and send back the light, simply give us a call and one of the Lumineux technician will come and assess with the view to either repair or replace the light on-site. This is arranged on a day and time that suits you.

Why Purchase the Staunton Plus?

The Staunton Plus LED batten has been specifically designed with the installer in mind with our easy to install features. Including a quick release gear tray allows faster installation and benefits from push-fit terminals with loop-in loop-out connectors. Threaded cable entry points at both ends means there is no longer any need to drill out the housing.

+ Additional Options

Length & Output Variants

The Staunton Plus comes with the choice of 4, 5 and 6 foot variants. Each length is available as a single or twin for double the lumens output.

Emergency Power Option

Combine the Staunton plus with an emergency option to achieve 3 hour duration of light if the main power supply fails. This product is availble with integrated H3 – High output emergency capable of 440 lumens output.

Microwave Sensor Option

For optional energy savings, the Staunton Plus is available with an integral microwave sensor that is activated by movement and controlled by ambient light level.

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