Windermere Streetlight

With Type II Optic Light Projection
The Windermere streetlight is a new, premium addition to the Lumineux exterior lighting range. With a range of bracket options and type II light projection, the Windermere ensures illumination where it matters the most.​

Range of Bracket Options:

  • Wall mount
  • Corner Bracket
  • ‘L’ Adapter
  • ‘T’ 2 Light Adapter


The Windermere comes equipped with 10kVA L/N-PE surge protection, 3Pin NEMA socket, and the option to include a dusk to dawn sensor.

The luminaire is available in 20W, 30W and 50W variants, each with a high efficiency 130lm/W output.

Type II light projection:

Performance Overview

Ingress Protection Rating

No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust-tight) and protected against powerful water jets.

Colour Rendering Index

This light measures 80 CRI, considered more than acceptable for most applications.

Long life

Tested to provide reliable illumination for over 50,000 hours.

High efficiency output

Providing up to 130 lumens per Watt output.

5 year warranty

This product comes with the Lumineux trusted 5 year warranty.

Colour Temperature

Natural white correlated colour temperature of 4000 Kelvin

Range of bracket options

There are several brackets available for the Windermere, wall and corner mount brackets, ‘L’ adapter and ‘T’ 2 light adapter.

Choice of 20W | 30W | 50W variants

The differing Wattages output 2600, 3900 and 6500 lumens respectively, for a consistently efficient 130 lumens per Watt.

Optional dusk to dawn sensor available

With the addition of a dusk to dawn sensor, the Windermere streetlight will only turn on in the dark for maximum efficiency.

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