Sport & Leisure Lighting

Belmont Linear High Bay

with optional Plug & Play sensors

The Belmont is an adaptable and versatile multi-sports, industrial and school hall LED light fitting suitable for high impact areas and wide spaces.
Belmont Linear High Bay

An ideal choice for all indoor multi-sports halls.

Sports Hall Lighting

Low Glare Fresnel Optics


The Belmont utilizes Fresnel lens technology for improved glare control, with the choice of 60º and 25º x 80º optic.

Each unit is 0-10V dimmable for user friendly and highly efficient operation, with 155lm/W output.

Plug & Play Options:

  1. Plug & Play PIR Sensor
  2. Plug & Play Microwave Sensor
  3. Plug & Play truSmart PIR Sensor coming soon
High Output Emergency

An integrated emergency pack can be included with any Belmont unit, capable of 540lm output in emergency mode.

3 Plug & Play Sensors

The Belmont is fully customisable with your choice of sensor.  Unscrew the threaded barrel and replace with one of our Plug & Play options.

Low UGR optics

The choice of 60º and 25º x 85º optics, each 0-10V dimmable

120W and 180W ranges

For optimal energy savings, the Belmont is available in 120 or 180W, each outputting an efficient 155lm/W.

Fitting Options

Wire suspension, ceiling mount and rotatable bracket ceiling mount available.

Performance Overview

Ingress Protection Rating

Dust-tight (with a vacuum applied to the product) Protected against water jets.

Impact Protection Rating

Protected against 20 joules impact. Equivalent to impact of kg mass dropped from 400mm above impacted surface.

Long life

Tested to provide reliable illumination for over 50,000 hours.

High efficiency output

Highly effective design provides up to 155 lumens per Watt output.

5 year warranty

This product comes with the Lumineux trusted 5 year warranty.

Compatible with truSmart

Install, Connect, Control. Lighting automation and complete control via Bluetooth and a smartphone app.

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