Smart Panel II

Lumineux Smart Panel II delivers the right intensity with the right colour temperature.

Lighting that makes you healthier, happier and more productive. Numerous studies have shown that humans operate best when they are exposed to the pattern of colour of white light which closely mirrors the natural change of external ambient light.

The colour of white light changes throughout the day. From the soft, warm hues 2700k in the mornings and evenings, through the cooler whites of 4000k of mid-morning and 5000k of mid-day to the daylight intensity 6000k at noon. With the advent of LED lighting and the control that is possible today, it is easy to bring the ambience of daylight colour change to your commercial space.

The new logic added to Smart sensors already intuitive control, enables Smart Panel II to deliver just the right type of light for your needs, when you need it like many of Smart Panel II's other characteristics, automated "human centric" change can be switched on and off as needed. When off, the user can select the colour temperature that suits their needs manually.

Tuneable LED Panels are now available to provide colour shifted light (2700k to 6000k) and dimmable convenience.

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Smart Panel II

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