Lighting Design Service

Lumineux designs and tests its products in house and undertakes and supplies full lighting designs combined with energy saving calculations for all involved parties, in line with your wishes.

This includes full cost of ownership projections based on the best possible solution using latest LED lighting technologies, with provision, if required, of full technical back up and support - and all done to short working timescales to ensure client satisfaction and reduced downtime.

As part of our support service, we offer a lighting design service to ensure that you achieve maximum performance and a solution that meets your specific applications needs.

At no extra cost to you, our designers will do a full lighting design, combined with a full energy saving calculation that will be presented to you and/or your client in line with your speci cations. This will include full cost of ownership projections, based on the best possible solution using the latest lighting technology. We can also offer full technical back-up and advice wherever you need it, including support in meeting regulations if required.

Product Development & Manufacture

Unlike many of our competitors, we design and build many of our products at our extensive UK facility at Manby, Lincolnshire, which totals over 100,000 sq feet of warehousing and manufacturing assembly site.

Our design and manufacturing facilities deliver the following enhanced benefits to our customers.

  • Products that are more suited to the UK market
  • Improved reliability and testing
  • Greater product flexibility and customisation
  • Faster turnaround of special designs
  • Greater quality control
  • Improved security of supply

Customisation of our standard products to suit particular applications is a part of our standard service. Here are just a few of the advantages enjoyed by our customers who use our customisation services.

  • Choice of optics on many products to optimise light performance
  • Integration of SMART controls
  • The fitting of many other sensors such as dusk til dawn, step dim and daylight harvesting
  • Customised emergency options to many fittings
  • The design and manufacture of unique fittings for specific applications

Product Testing & Light Measuring

The LabSpion® is a complete light measurement solution covering all light sources from small lamps, LED chips, large panels and street lamps. The 2 axis goniometer enables the system to measure the full 3D distribution field of any lamp giving lighting professionals comprehensive LDT and IES simulation files.

Using a spectrometer sensor and a built-in power analyser, the unique Viso technology enables fast measurements and ensures all data to be measured quickly, making other equipment such as integration spheres redundant.

There is a wide variety of light sources that the LabSpion is measuring ranging from outdoor lights to automotive fixtures and LED displays.

Measurement data is then automatically saved in a specific folder in the form of fixture files. They can be exported into PDF, PNG, IES, LDT and CSV formats to be further presented by customers in their reports

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